A mind can only hold so much information and when that mind ceases to be its contents if not passed on are forgotten. Then too not all minds are alike, and where one person seems to have a photographic memory another is incessantly forgetful which is why writing has allowed lesser mortals to stand atop giants and learn from them and push further than would have been possible without writing, and without books.

Think of it as our first technological augmentation that increased the brain power of humanity. I don’t know of any majorly successful person who isn’t interested in…

The average worker spends around 28% of their work week dealing with email. That is a significant amount of time.

It’s why email is critical in reaching out to new people and building mutually beneficial relationships but inboxes are getting ever more crowded and people more jaded.

But how to write one? Well as with most things, the best way to learn is through going through practical examples.

So we’ve got five examples of cold emails that’ll help you get your foot in the door and give you an idea of what a good cold email looks like so then…


If you want to become a better writer you need to read writers better than you, even if you never reach their heights you’ll absorb new words, new ways of phrasing ideas and how to pace and plot a piece.

Just like interesting people usually have lots of experiences to draw from as a great writer you need a vast library to pull motifs from. To be able to take existing forms and chop them up and remake them in your own unique way, to do that you must read.

If you take nothing else from this just go…

When you get into your car you have a destination you want to go to and an idea of the steps involved to get there. When you want to write a piece on a topic you usually outline it, the beats of the narrative and once you have that then it’s just painting in the space between. It’s a lot easier than having no idea of what you’re doing and making it up as you go along.

Sales is no different, you need a plan of action otherwise you’re going nowhere.

First principles

If you want to write you need a topic…

No one really likes getting cold calls but neither do most people enjoy making cold calls. It’s nerve wracking and awkward but it’s still one of the best and quickest ways of getting a qualified lead.

Nothing beats speaking to someone to get the sale. Even if it goes south you can at least write it off quickly in a phone call that lasts a few minutes rather than waiting around and wondering if an email worked or not.

Research your prospect and dealing with gatekeepers

One of my biggest gripes is getting a cold call and getting the question, can I speak to someone in marketing…

Two of our guys were on their way to meet potential new clients at their offices, this has nothing to do with RealtimeCRM. This is the consulting side of the business which we use to fund the development of RealtimeCRM. Typical bootstrapping stuff.

Now this is the first meeting, we don’t know if it’s going to go anywhere but its exploratory for us to find out more about what they want and for them to find out more about us.

So our guys get there and nothing, one of them posts to Slack “Guy wasn’t even there!”

When we tried…

What is FOMO?

The Urban Dictionary describes it as a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

It’s very powerful, it can cause otherwise rational actors to act in a way that is not only harmful to themselves but to others as well.

Businesses and institutions are merely groups of humans collaborating to achieve an end, and therefore are susceptible to FOMO just like any individual human.

Walgreens FUBAR deal due to FOMO

We’re going to use Walgreens as an example of the danger of FOMO.

You’ve probably heard of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes, the first female founder…

We get a ton of cold emails in our inbox, most of them we insta-delete because even the subject line is terrible and spammy.

Often for the terrible ones we sometimes do open them just to see what the copy looks like — it’s disgusting. You can tell they’re not even trying, maybe they’re going for the law of averages if I spam enough people I’ll get a response.

It’s useful though to look at crappy cold emails because the things that you viscerally dislike about them will guide you on what not to do, and make you think about…

A job interview can be daunting but it’s really about selling yourself. In the case where you’re going for a job in sales it isn’t simply about selling yourself though it’s about how you do it. If you can’t even get people excited about you how are you going to get them excited about a product you don’t know anywhere near as much about?

Sales is personal, it’s not just some credentials on a piece of paper though that does help getting your foot in the door. Not just in the way you’d think, if you’ve got two guys and…

Part of being a great salesperson is not simply the product you’re selling, a large part of it is selling you. If you inspire confidence and a positive feeling in a prospect the probability of making the sales goes up significantly.

You’ll never be perfect, you can’t because it’s a constant battle as the market changes and you meet new people to evolve your tactics, the best salespeople have open minds and the discipline to adapt without throwing away all that works.

Start with yourself

Self improvement is the first step in becoming better at sales. You have to know your weaknesses and…


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